I want to tell you the story of how I was introduced to the Emotion Code and why I decided to become certified in this method of energy healing. I was introduced to this method of energy healing by going through some medical challenges with my oldest daughter. She started to develop digestive issues when she was seven years old. Her pediatrician diagnosed her as having a stomach virus, which makes sense because we had just traveled abroad. Three months later, she was still suffering from this virus and I became concerned because viruses should not last this long, so I had to become my child’s medical advocate in order to get to the bottom of the issue. After going in circles with different health specialist from her pediatrician, gastroenterologist, ENT doctor, we were also referred to other specialists that we never made due to the wait period to get in to see them, among these was a psychiatrist for an evaluations, and a sleep study with a sleep specialist. My child was given a pretty extensive list of medications for a seven-year-old to take. After researching her medications and the side effects of each, I decided to seek out a more natural way of helping her heal. We found a wonderful Neuropath doctor in our area. She began treating my oldest daughter with natural medicines and I started to see her health improving. My daughter had two more cycles of her digestive issues come up, but each one became shorter and more manageable because each time I would take her back to the Neuropath doctor. The doctor would start her on the natural medicines that she needed right away and her body responded rapidly and favorably. One of the persistent symptoms that never really went away was nightly stomach aches. Our Neuropath doctor had already talked to me about the Emotion Code in order to help my youngest daughter with some other issues. I had purchased Dr. Nelson’s book, skimmed over it and put the book away on the shelf for later use. Then one day, it dawned on me, “what if the Emotion Code could actually help her in some way?” I decided to give it a go and see if there where any trapped emotions that may be causing her stomach upsets. As it turns out, she had a trapped emotion that did not even belong to her, she had inherited from me. I was so heartbroken that this could even happen but felt so blessed to be able to release that trapped emotion that she did not need to carry. I released that emotion and I am happy to report that since that evening, she has not had issues with her stomach. From that time on, I have used the Emotion Code to help my husband, my youngest child and myself release countless of trapped emotions. I really truly believe in this method of healing, so much so, that I decided to get certified in order to be able to help more people release their trapped emotions so that we can all live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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