Postpartum psychosis is more dangerous and does require IMMEDIATE ATTENTION. Thank you for visiting today and I hope you find this information helpful, please be sure to read the other posts about postpartum depression. If you believe you may be suffering form Postpartum psychosis or if you know someone that shows  signs of it, please…

How to help someone dealing with Postpartum Depression? You have taken an important step to help your loved who may be dealing with postpartum depression one and whether your are a concerned husband, mother, father, co-worker, or friend I hope you find helpful information through out my other blog posts on postpartum depression. If you…

No matter what a woman does and how prepared she may think she is, she may not be exempt from Postpartum depression. You are not alone and it can happen to ANYONE, it is just that most people do not talk about it. Postpartum Depression Statistics: 10-20% of woman without a history of postpartum depression….

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